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CG Generalist



We’re an open, friendly visual effects company with a penchant for doing the right thing. We carefully balance our incredible talent and professionalism with an approachable, can-do attitude. Crafting stunning visual effects for film and television. And we make sure our staff have a healthy work-life balance too. Our team is fantastic. Hungry to learn, passionate about their art and ready for any challenge. 

We’re a Certified B. Corporation: one of a global group of businesses doing the right thing for people, society and the planet. We pay people properly, and adapt to their lives rather than bulldozing through them. 




Your part in it:


As a CG Generalist at Dupe you will be responsible for creating photo-real digital assets/environments to a high visual effects standard.

You should have a range of skills in 3D, including modelling, scene assemblies, texturing, lookdev and shading, layout, lighting, rendering and re-projection.

We will ask you to be creative, analytical and efficient in achieving the creative vision of our clients and VFX supervisors..

You should be keen to learn and share knowledge, playing your part in the team to produce great work in a positive environment. We want you to pay attention to both the aesthetics and the technical aspects.

How you’ll help us grow it - above and beyond:


  • Assembling models, textures, projections and lights into a CG scene for rendering
  • Creating models, textures, shading and look development setups
  • Troubleshooting technical issues with the CG scene and optimising the renders to work within the resources available
  • Working to develop the look of a shot, assets or sequence with the Visual Effects and CG Supervisors
  • Lighting and scene assembly for other shots or assets as required
  • Identifying the best approach for matching the quality of the plate photography
  • Communicating with production on a regular basis in regards to schedules and deadlines
  • Working in partnership with other departments to ensure that shots are delivered to the highest possible standard




  • Previous experience working in a feature film or high end episodic VFX pipeline
  • Strong knowledge of Maya, Mari, Substance Painter, Arnold and Nuke
  • Proven experience with Modeling, UV layout, texturing, layout, lighting, rendering.
  • Strong understanding of the entire VFX process with experience of 3D and 2.5D workflows.
  • Generalist background with a good balance between creative and technical skills
  • Creative problem solving abilities with keen attention to detail
  • Strong aesthetic skills in judging photo-realism, perspective and composition.
  • Experience working with shoot data including photographic and reference data, HDRIs, photogrammetry and Lidar
  • Ability to deliver under pressure and be proactive with good organisational and communication skills

Desirable, but not essential:

  • Working knowledge of Houdini, Zbrush, Photoshop, Solaris
  • Experience with procedural city generation and scattering tools
  • Experience with volumetric rendering for clouds and atmosphere
  • Previous experience with Linux
  • VFX scripting (mel, python, vex, etc)
  • An understanding of cutting edge technology in the field such as photogrammetry and photo based 3D reconstruction

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