2D Department · London, Hackney
Department 2D Department
Employment Type Freelancer

About the role

As a compositor at Dupe you will be combining live action, photographic and CG elements into a believable shot. We will ask you to be creative, analytical and efficient in achieving the creative vision of our clients and VFX supervisors. You should be keen to learn and share knowledge, playing your part in the team to produce great work in a positive environment.  We want you to pay attention to both the aesthetics and the technical aspects.


  • Assessing your own work on a creative and technical level.
  • Taking feedback from your supervisor in a positive and collaborative manner.
  • 2D tracking, keying, colour matching, roto and paint.
  • Working collaboratively across other departments to achieve the best result most efficiently. 
  • Demonstrating an understanding of lighting, photography and perspective.
  • Managing your workload and being calm under deadlines.

Skills and Experience:

  • 3+ years as a VFX professional using Nuke.
  • Relevant degree/training course is a plus.
  • Strong aesthetic skills in judging photo-realism, perspective and colour.
  • Strong sense of composition, colour and design.
  • Experience with Linux.
  • Skills in Nuke expressions, gizmos and Python is a plus.

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    London, Hackney
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    2D Department
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